Thursday, 6 September 2012

Everyone this is The Dead Famous :) A 4 piece rock/pop/indie band from London. I first heard of this band through Twitter.
This is the bands first single Hide Your Halo. I have to admit that the first six second remind me of something out of my dads record collection (not in a bad way) I was thinking Bon Jovi! A air guitar song if ever I heard one, strong rock beat, there's energy but not so it makes me want to jump around but I can imagine how powerful it would be live. I love the vocals and lyrics, strong no chance of being misheard and the last lyrics of the song are just awesome! I don't understand the video and the green screen is not great but not terrible.
The Dead Famous are a really awesome band who I see going fair.
Listen to Hide Your Halo:
Also the band will be tour the UK later this year so check they Facebook for more.
Em xxx

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